Paper City
Paper City
Project by
Maloe Brinkman Stukk Design Wietske Flederus
Made possible by
TAC, Vonderweg 1 Eindhoven
Opening Times
daily from 11:00—19:00
Using paper as a medium and a material to create the systems, the architecture and the infrastructure of the urban landscape. Alongside an exhibition, there will be workshops that allow visitors and collaborators to experiment and stretch the limitations of paper. The exhibition and the workshops will focus on both the the small and large scale systems, models and structures of a speculative “Paper City”. In the nine days of the DDW, the designers of Paper City will try to develop and activate space. They will curate the space with work and ideas based on the materiality of paper and use the location as a discursive space to open up the debate within sector-specific discourse. Within this project, we focus on two different perspectives on what a “Paper City” could be. One project results in a spatial installation based on the new foundations of a city, which nowadays is related to temporariness. In the other project we experiment with paper as a physical material and we focus on the value of paper as a research method.
ZeroDotZero is a non-profit foundation founded as a research lab for design and technology which tries to position itself in the territory between design education and the professional practice. ZeroDotZero offers young talent the opportunity to work on a research project in a hands-on environment guided by the best designers, producers and thinkers in the field. ZeroDotZero also serves as the research laboratorium for the department Graphic Design Arnhem, of the ArtEZ University of the Arts.